A lively hotspot in the heart of Amsterdam in emerald green tones.
Restaurant De Tropen, 9 Bolwerkstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Philip Cronerud is an art director, and publisher from Stockholm, Sweden, who works within technology, art and typography. Philip used to work for agencies like Wieden+Kennedy, Printed Pages / It’s Nice That and later his own type-foundry MEDIUMEXTRABOLD®. The lure of a job offer in the Bay Area convinced him to move and embrace a Californian lifestyle.

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It is in the city centre. This former navy area is now partly open for the public. In summer you can swim in the canal there and have a great view on old Amsterdam, the Scheepvaartmuseum and the dead heart centre of Amsterdam. I like it most in winter, silent, grey, a place to mesmorize, walk alone around, meet a local who is walking his dog, than and have a coffee in pension Homeland, the restaurant hotel there. In central Amsterdam the space is rare, and what is there is overrun with tourists and full of local traffic, the trams, a million bikes, cars and pedestrians. That is why I like this place so much, super quiet space in the centre of Amsterdam.
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My studio is situated on top of a Fifties concrete modernist apartment building in the Rivierenbuurt in the south of Amsterdam. The best thing is that my building is just one floor higher then the rest of the houses in the neighborhood so I get a good view of the city and the ever changing Dutch skies. What makes my view really special is the view from the balcony on an inaccessible inner garden. The garden is made on the roof of a parking garage of an office building and nobody can go there since there are no stairs or entrance. Once a year the gardeners come with a tall ladder. They are the only ones that enter the garden ever. The nice thing is that still there is a winding path in the middle of the garden for only your eye to trace it.
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The best place to read a book outside or inside one of the greenhouses and be surrounded by all of these different species of nature.
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A really lovely restaurant with terasse with lots of sun hidden in the west and close to Erasmus Park. It is a place where you will a lot of locals catching up. The food is always great and there is a super cosy and friendly atmosphere. The kind of place you actually want to keep a secret so don't tell anyone! ;)
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The Amstel river is the main river of Amsterdam. Around 1200 they build a dam in the river and that was the birth of Amsterdam (or Amstelredamme as it was called back then). This dam is now situated under the Dam square, the central square of the city. If you bike from the old city center to the south along the banks of the Amstel, as I do every day on my way to my studio, the city opens up and gives way to a lot of space. If you follow the river it will take you out of town more quickly then you'd expect since it is surrounded by a green corridor that get's larger and greener as you exit the city. In less then half an hour bike trip from the old city you can find yourself in juicy green pastures between grazing cows and sheep. Only the airplanes heading in and out of Schiphol Airport will remind you that the city is near.
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