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Philip Cronerud is an art director, and publisher from Stockholm, Sweden, who works within technology, art and typography. Philip used to work for agencies like Wieden+Kennedy, Printed Pages / It’s Nice That and later his own type-foundry MEDIUMEXTRABOLD®. The lure of a job offer in the Bay Area convinced him to move and embrace a Californian lifestyle.

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Posted by Kim Boske
Cinecenter is special to me because I used to work here. It is a great place to see all of your favourite movies.
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The Oostvaardersdijk is huge dike that protect the polder of Flevoland from being flooded. It's near the city of Almere that was founded in 1975 on the just recovered land of the Flevopolder. It is a great place to see the skyline of Amsterdam and look out over the Markermeer, the former Zuiderzee. When you turn around you can look down in the polder on an impressive group of modern windmills, in the distance you see the city of Almere. This is Holland at it's core: endless flats with the endless skies you know from Seventeenth century painting. You can drive the Oostvaardersdijk north to Lelystad and cross the lake to Enkhuizen and back to Amsterdam. On the way you drive past Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, a large area of marshes and wild land in the Flevopolder, where they introduced wild horses and prehistoric cattle.
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In the ever growing conservative political scene in the Netherlands, the ADM is a reminder of the freedom and chaos that Amsterdam must have once been. It gives me my dose of dirty grittiness, something which is miss in this city in constant renovation and gentrification. Evolving around a main building on an industrial shipyard on the outskirts of town, it's an area where modern gypsies, anarchists, artists and free thinkers build their houses, park their caravans or dock their house boats. It's not entirely my scene, but I am happy to know that it's there. And they throw some amazing festivals!
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The Amstel river is the main river of Amsterdam. Around 1200 they build a dam in the river and that was the birth of Amsterdam (or Amstelredamme as it was called back then). This dam is now situated under the Dam square, the central square of the city. If you bike from the old city center to the south along the banks of the Amstel, as I do every day on my way to my studio, the city opens up and gives way to a lot of space. If you follow the river it will take you out of town more quickly then you'd expect since it is surrounded by a green corridor that get's larger and greener as you exit the city. In less then half an hour bike trip from the old city you can find yourself in juicy green pastures between grazing cows and sheep. Only the airplanes heading in and out of Schiphol Airport will remind you that the city is near.
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Working under the name of one of the worst ski jumper in history are a crew of close friends who throws some of the wildest parties around town! Their events have included distributing laughing gas in balloons to everyone in the audience, d.i.y circus acts with rats jumping through fire circles, an air gun shooting range to blast cheesy ceramic trinkets, sweaty live shows, gourmet meals for a few euros cooked by master chef Sjim Hendrix, and so much more… Of course, it's all for the sake of art, since they are a museum and also exhibit work :)
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