You can grab a coffee or a juice right next door to the KINDL Center in the old brewing Hall at König Otto, complete with all the fascinating brewing equipment from its completion in 1930 it is a hall reminiscent of German Expressionism style… or as stated on their website. :)
König Otto, 3 Am Sudhaus, Berlin, Germany
Current city: Berlin
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Lacy Barry is an artist, set & interior designer, known mainly for her work with paper and commercial bar interiors. Lacy’s self-taught abilities and aesthetic have been applied to work for retail window display, interiors, live installations, events, video projects, commercials, web & print media, venues, home goods, apparel etc. etc. Lacy lives in Kreuzberg with her two gold fish Herman the German & Princess Sisi. Currently Lacy runs a commercial production studio in Nüekolln founded with fellow paper artist and stop-motion director Cris Wiegandt

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A hot Tuesday lunch tip is the amazing Berlin Philarmonic. A short-duration concert (around an hour) happens every Tuesday at 13h, for free. People make the Philarmonie's foyer full, sitting on the stairs, on the ground and everywhere around. My tip for this tip is: bring with you a little cushion for more comfort and try to arrive early to find the good spots.
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Flughafen Tempelhof was once the symbol of nazi-pride when Hitler notoriously comissioned construction of the smallest duty free shop in the world (and a beautiful example of fascist architecture). After the war, Tempelhof became one of the frontiers of the cold war with the U.S. battling the communists (who undoubtedly wanted to get rid of the small duty free shop altogether) via the Berlin Airlift. It turned out to be a huge succes, and enabled the allied forces to remain their presence in Berlin and save the small duty free shop. The real free-market victory will come in about two years though, when project developers will take over and start building houses, blocking my view onto the airfield.
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A good place to drown your Berliner winter-melancholy. The bartenders are top notch and the interior is warm but stylish, with the inevitable retro vibe. Open from 6 till late. There´s also a legendary (and kinda expensive) restaurant next door, which provides the bar with some excellent snacks. Works for dates and for friends, but if you´re planning for a bigger group it might be wise to reserve.
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A green oasis wedged between the continuous blocks of apartments, this Cemetery provides a place to be alone or take sleeping kids. I love how from the front it looks slightly macabre and a rigid with it's iron gate. But if you dare to enter its a fantastic place to escape and think. There's a battle going on locally about adding a building inside the ground to help fund the archive and maintenance of the site. The Chair Anke Reuther feels the park is being disrespected with children playing on the headstones and people using it as a place for picnics. Whilst i don't know the in's and out's I love seeing this beautiful 'life cycle' playing out under the trees (which have probably seen it all before). I love that people use a cemetery for living and in our ever crowded cities a green space is being claimed by the community. I do feel there is a hushed respect that i don't see in other parks which gives the place a reflective mood. Personally another building would ruin the magic of the place. Perhaps some more input from the people who use it could be the key? Or even a re-examination of the inscription above the gate: Make life good and beautiful here, no other world is, no resurrection.
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Just until recently this place used to be one big old Aphoteke (Pharmacy). They have kept the Apotheke's  dark wood Art Deco charm to use in benefit of great coffee and fantastic brunch (try the french toast and you'll see I'm not lying). 
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