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Anders Arhøj is an illustrator and product designer heading the Copenhagen based studio Arhøj, founded in 2005. The studio works on a myriad of projects from character design, interiors, fabric prints, publications to concept ideas and styling.
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Anders Arhøj is an illustrator and product designer heading the Copenhagen based studio Arhøj, founded in 2005. The studio works on a myriad of projects from character design, interiors, fabric prints, publications to concept ideas and styling.
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Super easy, healthy and affordable lunch and dinner takeaway. As a tourist in Copenhagen it is a nightmare to find affordable food. The popular downtown areas are flooded with crap food tourist traps and it's hard to navigate through the bullshit. Smag means "taste" in Danish and their ryebread sandwich with salmon, green pea puree and peanuts is a treat.
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Whenever I feel uninspired I visit the (now genericly named) Design Museum, formerly known as Kunstindustrimuseet. Sort of the V&A of Copenhagen. An old museum filled with gorgeus fabrics, weird artifacts and a cozy library filled with books about arts & crafts from around the world. If you're still uninspired after a visit here you're not able to. Don't forget to have lunch in the beautiful center garden surrounding by the overgrown buildings, statues and old trees.
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Great little chocolate shop that features sweets and cakes with a different take on chocolate. It's part of the Summerbird chain of small chocolate shops, but this one is the "Pure" shop and is dedicated to experiment with flavours and try out new recipes before they are launched in the whole chain. Every month the shop creates a new "flødebolle"(cream bun) based on the time of year and what's available from nature in a limited batch. I'm hooked and need to go there at least once a month.
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Just 25 min by train from downtown Copenhagen lies an old and beautiful forest and country area inhabited by wild (but friendly) deer. It's a vast, mysterious space for getting lost in and perfect for spacing out on mushrooms if you bring friends. Stay away on Sundays as it fills up with screaming children and zombie parents. Grab an ice cream on your way back at Bakken, the old David Lynch-ish fairground located at the outskirts of the forest.
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In the summertime you can take the Metro directly to the beach. And if you're over the crowded white trash tanning and blanket sex scene, enter the hidden away mens or womens area located in the big wooden beach bathhouse. Here you can lie naked and enjoy the sun on your private parts while reading a novel or surfing your iPad. Expect lots of gays and lesbos which can be a curse or a party depending on who you are as a person.
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Ture Andersen is a Danish photographer who works within the field of commercial and corporate photography for Danish and international companies.  I work with corporate communications, branding, exhibitions and interactive media. I help companies to create an effective and consistent visual communication rooted in the companies’ visual identity and strategy. I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but work globally. Recent projects have included assignments in the Arctic, reportage from gemstone mining in Sri Lanka and Madagascar, ship recycling in india, coffee production in Laos, as well as gem production in Thailand. I travel the world
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Michael is an interdisciplinary Designer & Art Director based in Copenhagen, with a focus on brand identity, and communication design. Originally from Montreal, Canada — I've been lucky enough to work at agencies as Character SF, ManvsMachine, Koto, and Pentagram, developing concept-driven work for brands like Apple, Facebook, Google, NFB, Nike, San Francisco Design Week, and Squarespace. He is currently available for new partnerships & freelance opportunities.
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Ken Hermann is a Danish photographer who works in the fields of portrait, editorial - and commercial photography. An urge to explore photography and different cultures has brought Ken around the world, from secluded regions of India and Ethiopia to the big city landscapes of New York where he has worked for renowned photographers like Brigitte Lacombe and Asger Carlsen. The life in the cities as well as in the more abandon places is a big inspirational source to Ken Hermann and he loves to combine his commercial work with his other true passion- to explore life, people, and cultures. His work has been published by a number of magazines and websites and he is a finalist of this years Hasselblad Masters with his ‘city surfer’ project which is being exhibited in LA, London, New York and Berlin. Based in Copenhagen he works for a diverse range of clients amongst those leading brands, media and agencies.
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Thomas Falkenberg is a Danish graphic design student. Currently studying in Copenhagen at The Danish Royal Academy of Design. He has also been studying and interning for a year in London, at London College of Communication.
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Designer at Makers With Agendas
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