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Graphic designer / Book seller. From Scotland. Living & working in London.
Current city: London
Graphic designer / Book seller. From Scotland. Living & working in London.
A fermenting kitchen and restaurant. Seasonal ferments, pickles and home-made fermented drinks. My new favourite place to eat.
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Always make the effort to head to Goodhood to check the latest street wear and homeware from around the globe. Ahead of the game for curation of brands and items. Highly recommend.
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Turkish food meets Heavy Metal. Lee Tiernan's (ex St John Bread & Wine Head Chef) experimental take on Turkish cuisine. Flatbreads, offal, squid ink, cod roe & foie gras doughnuts. Expect the unexpected.
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An incredible restaurant celebrating the diversity and richness of Chinese food. The 10 course 'Taste of China' menu takes you on a tour of the country with each dish being very different. An unforgettable culinary experience.
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Great little independent bookshop in central London run by Tamsin Clark. Weird and wonderful selection of photo books, magazines, artist books, poetry and more.
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Great selection of books and magazine with a big focus on rare. out-of-print books Japanese photography. Can sends hours in this little shop. I'd try to avoid on Market day (Saturday) if you want to have a good look as it can get a bit busy for such a small space.
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The most amazing little shop selling natural, organic preserves by the wonderful Lillie O’Brien (ex St John Bread & Wine pastry chef). Super friendly staff and insane jam doughnuts!
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Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee is an artist, researcher and writer. Her practice is guided by the iterations of slow violence and the dynamic between the ‘near’ and ‘elsewhere’. In attempting to disarm instruments of knowledge production, her practice shies away from reduction and completion. Steering away from essentialisms, she is interested in once-forgotten micro and muted narratives. By revisioning fractured traditions, she engages with visual and textual interventions to navigate the nuances of perception and retention. Lee also runs XING, a research platform centered on the poetics and politics of Southeast and East Asian art practices. Assuming form of a shapeshifter, it morphs between localities and temporalities; with(in)flux. A domain of not-yet possibilities, the platform attempts to dismantle matrices concerned with the region from non-dominant perspectives.
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Writer and graphic designer
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Photographer Anton Rodriguez was born in Germany but raised in Liverpool, he is now based in London. He shoots a mixture portrait and fashion alongside his personal project "Barbican Residents". 
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Justin Poulter is a commercial illustrator and lettering artist. Growing up in a village by the sea and completing his studies in Cape Town he landed his first job for an award-winning studio in London. After spending 3 years here he moved back to his homeland and headed up a studio in Cape Town. In 2014 he went freelance where his style of illustration and lettering won him a number of international clients. In what might be the final move he recently came back to London where he now works out of his studio in Stoke Newington. Clients include: National Geographic, Google, Vans, Uber, Nike, Coca Cola, Knorr Foods, Bacardi, Wieden and Kenndy, Delta Airlines, Red Bull, Nedbank, Bonnier Publishing, The Webby Awards and Men's Health. Justin is represented by Snyder NY in the USA, Canada and Parts of South America and JSR Agency in the United Kingdom and Europe.
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Filmmaker and Photographer
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