One of the great surprises of Los Angeles is that there are several local places to escape and find a bit of nature. I really dig the hiking trails in Elysian Park, where you can enjoy tremendous views of the bustling city below, including Dodger Stadium, while only hearing the sound of your own footsteps and the rustling of bushes as lizards and small mammals go about their daily routines. Below the trails, there’s also a traditional green-grass park setting, where you’ll find everything from children’s birthday party’s with pony’s, mariachi bands, over-exuberant uncles, and shit-tons of unleashed dogs, to man-whore’s cruising for sex, cracked-out hobos, and gangsters of every flag. Griffith Park is obviously world-renowned for its observatory, but it’s also home to the abandoned site of the old L.A. Zoo! It’s not necessarily undiscovered country, as there are picnic tables and typically a healthy dose of fresh graffiti scrawled over the man-made enclosures, but it is a mildly creepy spot, with a bit of signage explaining its roots. Pack a lunch and climb through the old animal exhibits – just watch out for puddles of human feces, and the more than occasional Urban Outfitters catalog photo shoot.
Elysian Park And Griffith Park, 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, United States
Current city: Los Angeles
Los Angeles-based artist Eric Yahnker seems to have a very odd and dark sense of humour which is reflected in almost all of his works of art. His mixed media and collage masterpieces combine traditional and classic images with some twisted humor and caustic wit. He received his B.F.A. in animation from the California Institute Of Arts and studied journalism at University of Southern California. Eric Yahnker lives and work in Los Angeles, California.

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Did you ever see the movie “Chinatown” with Jack Nicholson? IT'S JUST LIKE THAT but with good food, good art, and less incest.
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Tiny Japanese bakery specializing in choux creme.
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The Magic Castle is a nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts, as well as the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. It bills itself as "the most unusual private club in the world." A typical evening features several close up magic and stage illusions. Formal dress is strictly enforced and you must either be a member or be invited by a magician. The lobby of the Castle has no visible doors to the interior, and visitors must say a secret phrase to a sculpture of an owl to gain access, exposing the entrance to the club. What I enjoy most is walking through the corridors and staring at the posters and photographs of the history of magic.
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One of my favorite things to do on weekends is to head to Grand Central Market for brunch, grab a few glasses of wine at the Oyster bar and then roam around downtown collecting pigeons. Over the past few years the market has been modernized and has become a really trendy spot, but it still retains aspects of what it was like decades ago. Some of my favorite stands are The Oyster Gourmet, Sarita's Pupuseria and the Belcampo Meat Co.
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This is my sanctuary. I spend 75% of my time here. to the left is my file cabinet and printer, to the right is my bookshelf. I have an alarm clock, a Knoll Pollock executive chair, notebooks, pens, pencils, everything I need. It's my favorite place in town.
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