An architectural gem: immersed in an ample private garden with a swimming pool and a tennis court and set in the center of Milan, the Necchi Campiglio Villa was completed by the architect Piero Portaluppi in 1935. Commissioning the structure was the Necchi Campiglio family, part of the rich and elegant industrial middle class of Milan in the 1930s. The disposition of the interior spaces corresponds to the traditional layout of noble homes: the daytime areas on the ground floor, the bedrooms on the first floor, the service rooms in the areas under the roof, and the den as well as the changing rooms and the bathrooms for the pool in the basement. The Necchi Campiglio family wanted above all to distance themselves from the traditions of their day, and planned ample areas dedicated to the reception of guests and to the social whirl: the dining room, the smoking room, the library and the grand salon. Right after WWII, areas of the villa underwent changes effected by the architect Tomaso Buzzi, who sweetened the linearity of Portaluppi’s style, and inserted aspects inspired of the 18th century, especially those in the style of Louis the 15th of France.
Villa Necchi Campiglio, 14 Via Mozart, Milan, Italy
Current city: Milan
DOMENICO DE CHIRICO: ITALY, INDEPENDENT CURATOR. Domenico de Chirico is an independent curator from Italy. Born in Bari in 1983, he lives and works in Milan. From 2011 until 2015 he was a professor in “Visual Culture” and “Trend Research” at Milan’s European Institute of Design (IED). He collaborates with a number of international artists, galleries, institutions, art fairs, art prizes, and magazines worldwide. He has been artistic director at DAMA Fair, Turin since 2016. He was also a visiting tutor at Goldsmiths, University of London (2018). Upcoming exhibitions and researches (2019/20): Accademia di belle arti di Urbino, academy of fine arts located in Urbino, Marche, Italy (guest lecturer); Bienvenue Art Fair, Paris (prize jury member); Fotopub Festival, Novo Mesto, Slovenia (guest lecturer). Exhibitions in various venues and cities, among which: Turin, Milan, Berlin, Munich, Lisbon, Miami, Brescia, Istanbul, Florence, Venice, Rome, Prague, Mallorca, and so forth.

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To really reach/understand a city you must live there or, at least, acting like you do. Nothing makes you feel more like a Milanese D.O.C. than stopping by Frida's on a Sunday morning to buy some flowers. Located in Brera this tiny shop has an extraordinary colour palette of flowers and plants. After that we just take a walk in the neighbourhood holding our bunch of Brassica Oleracea and our day is made.
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Vintage lovers! The Planetarium of Milan, Civico Planetario "Ulrico Hoepli", is a building located at the entrance of Giardini di Porta Venezia. It's a beautiful structure designed by Piero Portaluppi and commissioned by the Italian-Swiss publisher Ulrico Hoepli. Also the interior design is beautiful, there you can find a planetarium which projects and represents the image of the stars and their movements in the sky. The Planetarium also has a library which is a section of the Museum of Natural History, near by. They also organize educational activity concerning astronomy as talks, events and even concerts. 
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Fondazione Prada is an institution dedicated to contemporary art/ culture and is located in an former industrial complex on the southern edge of Milan. The new and regenerated buildings are designed by OMA/ Rem Koolhaas. A must visit is Bar Luce designed by Wes Anderson.
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First we should say the flaw, Trattoria Arlati is a bit far away from the city centre and not really easy to get to with public transport. Having said that, it’s the most charming restaurant where we’ve ever been. We always go there and always get the same menu, “Risotto al Salto” and “Ossobuco alla Milanese” of course, and it’s always delicious but is not just the food. In the 60’s it was really popular among artists, in the 70’s bands started to play in the basement and now when you get in you immediately feel it. It’s a charismatic place.
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It's a very laid back bar located in Chinatown, that serves also food. I have designed this bar with Roberto Marone, who is one of the owners and we took inspiration from our various travels. It's a very cozy, almost homely place and a perfect spot to hang out. 
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