Open Monday mornings and Saturdays all day, there’s always something to find at this market.  Lots of vintage items, the most gorgeous florals, and fresh food for making an amazing dinner that night.
Noordermarkt, Noordermarkt, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Current city: Amsterdam
Alex Labriola is the founder of Al Stampa, a creative studio that specializes in branding, illustration, and letterpress.

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Posted by Fei Alexeli
Not a big fan of zoos and animals behind cages, but if you can spot Flamingos in the east-centre of Amsterdam, then count me in <3 ! You can actually see them while riding the bike on Plantage Middenlaan, quite a beautiful scene.  Note: De Plantage next to zoo is quite cool cafe/restaurant, with a mix of vintage style and industrial elements of the old buildings of Artis. Great atmosphere, and ideal for a more sophisticated outing. 
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Her I enjoy the quit and concentrated atmosphere. I go to the library if I need some new input or just want to work somewhere else than in my studio. You can also just go there to relax at one of the beautiful spots in the building. Or have some food at the top floor with a beautiful view over Amsterdam.
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Gorgeous cinema near the Rembrandtsplein. Built in the early 1920s in a very rich architectural style that mixes Jugendstil, the Amsterdam School and Art Deco, the cinema was meant to be a temple for cinematography. The entrance and the main auditorium (Zaal 1) are just simply stunning. It’s been recently restored in its former splendor and is now owned by big distributor Pathé Cinemas. Though a lot of people have been criticizing the fact that a beautiful cinema as this is now exploited by a big commercial chain, I sort of like that fact that also the big blockbusters are usually screened here. It feels like the old days where I imagine you’d simply get overwhelmed by the place and the film and its technique. So my advice is: whatever (crap) plays in Zaal 1, just buy a bag of popcorn, sit back and enjoy.
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My studio is situated on top of a Fifties concrete modernist apartment building in the Rivierenbuurt in the south of Amsterdam. The best thing is that my building is just one floor higher then the rest of the houses in the neighborhood so I get a good view of the city and the ever changing Dutch skies. What makes my view really special is the view from the balcony on an inaccessible inner garden. The garden is made on the roof of a parking garage of an office building and nobody can go there since there are no stairs or entrance. Once a year the gardeners come with a tall ladder. They are the only ones that enter the garden ever. The nice thing is that still there is a winding path in the middle of the garden for only your eye to trace it.
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A few years ago I had a conversation with a staff member from Uytenhaak Architects about concealed texts in Amsterdam, relating to my own work ‘stoned forever’, which is integrated in brickwork in the Olympic Quarter. He said that there is a text in Morse code incorporated into the Droogbak (1989), a residential building by Uytenhaak: ‘Deze muur staat er niet’ (‘This wall isn’t here’). It is located close to the railway line. Rudy Uytenhaak later told me that this was his last opportunity to protest against the acoustic fence that had to be constructed for bureaucratic reasons.
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