My studio is situated on top of a Fifties concrete modernist apartment building in the Rivierenbuurt in the south of Amsterdam. The best thing is that my building is just one floor higher then the rest of the houses in the neighborhood so I get a good view of the city and the ever changing Dutch skies. What makes my view really special is the view from the balcony on an inaccessible inner garden. The garden is made on the roof of a parking garage of an office building and nobody can go there since there are no stairs or entrance. Once a year the gardeners come with a tall ladder. They are the only ones that enter the garden ever. The nice thing is that still there is a winding path in the middle of the garden for only your eye to trace it.
View From My Studio, Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Current city: Amsterdam
Misha de Ridder (1971, Alkmaar, The Netherlands) lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. To search, to disclose and to write with light is what Misha de Ridder does in his landscape photos and videos. He does not seek the comfort zone of the beautiful and picturesque, but of the sublime. De Ridder exhibited at Juliètte Jongma Gallery, Layr Wuestenhagen Contemporary, PhotoEspaña, the Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, FOAM and The Museum of the City of New York. Photobooks by Misha de Ridder are Sightseeing (2000, De Balie), Wilderness (2003, Artimo), Dune (2011, Lay Flat), Abendsonne (2011,, Falaise (2016, Roma Publications).

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It's a very small museum in the Hermitage about art made by outsiders. It's also known as 'Art Brut', a name given to it in 1972 by French artist Jean Dubuffet. It simply means that it is art made by people that don't fit in the normal life structure that humans suppose to have. Which can mean that the art is made by people who are in jail, who are ill, have a mental dissability or another way of not fitting into the community. The exhibitions are quite small, so it takes you just around an hour. And the hermitage has a nice canal view.
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The NewWerktheater is a café-restaurant venue located in Oostelijke Eilanden. Everything has been carefully selected/designed/created by ...,staat, the design studio behind the concept. The coffee beans are from Bonanza Berlin, the beer is made by Noam, and can only be found here in the Netherlands and the artworks are made by designer/artist Eike König. The location also regularly host creative events like the Dutch Art Director Club conferences, photography exhibitions or Creative Mornings.
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Under the city, the extraordinary Gesamtkunstwerk by Louis van Gasteren, Jan Sierhuis and others is located in Nieuwmarkt underground. This is one of the public artworks of the Seventies and early Eighties endangered due to station renovation on the Underground Eastline. At present there is a notice hanging at different spots on the wall: ‘‘This artwork has been temporally removed due to renovations”.
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Fotomomuseum housed in two monumental 17th century canal houses. 
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A lively hotspot in the heart of Amsterdam in emerald green tones.
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