Known for their ceramics and carefully thought-out details. Get ready to spend a small fortune.
Scholten & Baijings B.V. Studio for Design, 2-4 Ruysdaelkade, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Philip Cronerud is an art director, and publisher from Stockholm, Sweden, who works within technology, art and typography. Philip used to work for agencies like Wieden+Kennedy, Printed Pages / It’s Nice That and later his own type-foundry MEDIUMEXTRABOLD®. The lure of a job offer in the Bay Area convinced him to move and embrace a Californian lifestyle.

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A few years ago, the Volkskrant (one of the countries biggest newspaper) moved office to a new location. Their old headquarter now houses hundreds of artists and musician; along with dance studios, a bar/club with panorama over the city, a dreadlock 'doctor', a Russian cultural centre, a cyberpunk gallery and my photo studio on the 4th floor. It was a conscious choice by the founders to create a total melting pot. In the basement for example, 3 doors away from our music studio, you will find some cheerful weed smoking hiphop producers from the Bijlmer (the 'ghetto' of Amsterdam); an ex-yougoslavian hardcore drummer with a full analogue recording studio and a ballet school run by an obese woman in her 70's. Ok, it might seem artificial, but it really is quite magical!
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Not a big fan of zoos and animals behind cages, but if you can spot Flamingos in the east-centre of Amsterdam, then count me in <3 ! You can actually see them while riding the bike on Plantage Middenlaan, quite a beautiful scene.  Note: De Plantage next to zoo is quite cool cafe/restaurant, with a mix of vintage style and industrial elements of the old buildings of Artis. Great atmosphere, and ideal for a more sophisticated outing. 
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Hannekes Boom is one of the nicest waterfront café in Amsterdam to have a beer when it's sunny. Close to Central Station, the place isn't crowded by tourists, but you need to be there early to get a seat.
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I've always been inspired by old industrial buildings like factories, but unfortunately such buildings have become rather rare in the Netherlands. At the moment you can still find some of the remains of the old harbour of Amsterdam called the ‘NDSM werf’ on the other side of the river ‘IJ,’ but this area seems to be in transition as well. For the time being the NDSM werf is a creative place where a lot of activities are taking place. The best part for me is the 'Y-helling' to enjoy the (modest) skyline of Amsterdam and to write graffiti.

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De School is my favorite place in Amsterdam. It opened in January of 2016 on Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat in Amsterdam's west. The venue, which used to be a technical school, is more than a nightclub: it's also has a concert venue, a restaurant, a café, an exhibition space, and a gym. It has a 24-hour license and is open seven days a week. The nightclub has a capacity of 700 and is located in the school's former bicycle storage area. The club's programming focuses on local DJs, who are given the opportunity to play extended sets, but international guests also regularly stop by. In addition to the club, De School hosts concerts in a 200-capacity former workshop. Its secluded outdoor courtyard is open all year round to members of the public, not just club-goers. De School is owned and run by Post CS BV—the same crew that ran Amsterdam nightclubs Trouw and Club 11.
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