The Tea is an address as only geneve knows how to propose them, a little jewel of the Chinese restoration that you will discover only by chance or hotly recommended by connoisseurs and / or fans (and they are many).  Nestled in the heart of the Quartier des Bains, this tiny Asian specialty restaurant offers genuine and delicious cuisine, featuring a myriad of Dim-Sum (steamed ravioli) to discover or rediscover. In addition to its culinary specialties for which the establishment is particularly recognized, the Tea, like its name suggests, proposes especially a very wide selection of Chinese teas with evocative and poetic names, whose aficionados of the kind can easily be relished. You will also discover many accessories for The Tea, including a multitude of teapots in fonts or sandstones all more cute ones than the others: quite charming.
Le Thé, 65 Rue des Bains, Geneva, Switzerland
Current city: Geneva
Alice Franchetti is a Graphic Designer working and teaching in Switzerland after graduating from ECAL, University of Art and Design

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Monday to Friday 5 am-7 pm Saturday and Sunday (and public holidays) 5.30 am 19.00 pm. Outside of these hours, the boulangerie Saint-Honoré welcomes you to the door all night to serve you. Chocolate bread crispy and fluffy to perfection, golden croissants cooked just right, the bread for its part is declined with originality and perfection: spelled, string, traditional baguette, bun with green or black olives, dates and seeds, nuts and grapes. To understand the know-how of this bakery, we must go back in time until 1986, when Mrs Panzano's baker, the baker, bought this shop in the Rue de Carouge. The name does not change for lack of means, but bread remains king. At the age of 18, Mrs. Panzano joined the family business and perpetuated a tradition that everyone can read on a sign at the entrance to the bakery: "The St Honoré produces in his bakehouse in the basement. At a time when everything is going too fast, we work in the respect of traditions with quality products. For the pleasure of your taste buds. " In the basement, in the bakehouse, Mr. Canovas rises at dawn every morning of the week and kneads the bread with patience and years of experience. When I ask for the secret of this extraordinary bread, I am told: "Flour, water and salt ... and lots of love." In practice, Ms Panzano explains to me the importance of flour supplied by one of the most important partners of Swiss artisan bakers: Mino-Farine, a brand of tradition and innovation. At the Saint-Honoré, you will meet neighbors, bankers, students, greedy people in a friendly atmosphere, sunny on the terrace on summer days. They come for bread, pastries and pastries; we also come to the art and the way of the first profession of gastronomy and we realize, says Mrs Panzano, that taste disappears as small businesses close their doors. Fortunately, the Saint-Honore resists, long life at the Saint-Honoré!
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“La Rustine” association is led by a volunteer team. Passionate about cycling and soft mobility in general, they are keen to see the streets full of bikes. Their goal is to train you on bike mechanics so that a puncture or a relaxed cable are no longer insurmountable problems. They also have a home repair service. The workshop “La Rustine” is a place where you can repair your bike yourself if you know mechanics but you do not have the tools. Otherwise a mechanic will help you and will teach you to make your repair. They also have a wide selection of used parts, and some bikes for sale. You need to be a member to benefit from the tools and advice. Membership costs 15frs per year.
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“L’Usine” is an alternative and self-managed cultural center located in Geneva. It is also a structure regrouping 18 collectives and associations which established its headquarters in the former Geneva gold-roughing factory, a building located on the Rhône river, in the immediate vicinity of the Bâtiment des Forces motrices, and allocated by the commune to the association “State of Emergencies” in 1989. The association claims an ethic of life and work based on “self-management, pleasure and openness to others”. Its programming is characterized by its innovative character, at the margins of the market and its logic of profit. The most visible aspect of the factory is the programming of shows, events, festivals, concerts and exhibitions in the various places that compose it: concert halls, nightclubs, art galleries, theater, cinema and various branches dedicated to the development of creative and recreational activities.
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A place for body & soul with laid-back vibe. Live music every Monday, raclette Tuesdays, vivid and cool ambience for an alternative afterwork.
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The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, abbreviated as "MAMCO", is a contemporary art museum in Switzerland. The MAMCO has an exhibition area of 3,500 m2 and bases its work on a collection of 3000 works. Since its opening in 1994, the museum has presented exhibitions reflecting the diversity and dynamism of the Swiss and international art scene. Large retrospectives are regularly proposed, such as those devoted to Martin Kippenberger, Jim Shaw, Sylvie Fleury, John Armleder or William Leavitt. Three times a year, MAMCO renews its presentation and exhibitions. Dialogue hooking up collections and temporary proposals, it offers a journey that is more than the sum of its parts.
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