This is the place where I ate my first burger just 2 hours after I arrived in ‘tha hood’ I loved the place immediately because of the supersweet employees. And the fact that they have al this vintage machines in the place: like an old COKE machine and a cigarette machine as well as a jukebox from the sixties. The fact that they serve ALL DAY LONG BREAKFAST really made me happy, probably because I lived in Berlin before I moved here and there people are endlessly chilling and having breakfast the whole day long anyway! On wednesdays Wally organizes film evenings with funny nineties classics and on thursday evening you can eat a 5 dollar burger menu. While eating your inexpensive burger think of Wall.E.
Wally’s Square Root Cafe, 584 Myrtle Avenue, New York, United States
Current city: New York
Anouk Kruithof is a multi media artist; she makes mainly photos as well as video-works, installations, artist-publications, collages and social in situ-works. Anouk Kruithof is fascinated by ‘the mental state of being of humans’ of her time and environment. She responds on people’s struggle to deal with the universal emotions of life. At this moments she lives In New York, because she attends the artist in residency ‘photoglobal’ at the school of visual arts in New York.

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Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, Saranac Lake is a small town that thrives on the tourism of nature. Drawing in visitors from all around the world this high peaks jewel is a quiet, beautiful threshold to New York's untouched wilderness. The view is best enjoyed from a boat.
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Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (of Central Park), Prospect Park is where I go running in better weather and find an endless supply of flotsam and jetsam for casting in projects all year round. Thickets of trees, hidden paths, and rolling hills are an endless source of inspiration.
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Its quite a trip out there but so very worth it if you wanna have the very special beach-experience! You can go there by car and then take the ferry either to Pines or Cherry Grove (I would prefer Pines!) or you do all by public transportation - there a "getaway tickes" for 36Dollars and the transfer works really smooth - may even be faster than by car!
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Posted by Joan Wong
Warm and welcoming environment for dance.
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Posted by Jesse Reed
Part of the Marlow restaurant group, Diner is one of the more casual / rustic options. The menu changes daily and is written out (most likely upside down by the wait staff) on your table or the back of a receipt. The only constant item is the burger, which to be honest, is one of the best in the neighborhood. If they have a breakfast sandwich for brunch, get that. The fried chicken sandwich (with dark meat) is also a favorite. They make scrambled egg dishes better than most. Dinner is solid all around (they crush a steak for two). Homemade ketchup and dijon mustard are on every table, so regardless of what you get, these two condiments are worth the visit. 
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