This is the place where I ate my first burger just 2 hours after I arrived in ‘tha hood’ I loved the place immediately because of the supersweet employees. And the fact that they have al this vintage machines in the place: like an old COKE machine and a cigarette machine as well as a jukebox from the sixties. The fact that they serve ALL DAY LONG BREAKFAST really made me happy, probably because I lived in Berlin before I moved here and there people are endlessly chilling and having breakfast the whole day long anyway! On wednesdays Wally organizes film evenings with funny nineties classics and on thursday evening you can eat a 5 dollar burger menu. While eating your inexpensive burger think of Wall.E.
Wally’s Square Root Cafe, 584 Myrtle Avenue, New York, United States
Current city: New York
Anouk Kruithof is a multi media artist; she makes mainly photos as well as video-works, installations, artist-publications, collages and social in situ-works. Anouk Kruithof is fascinated by ‘the mental state of being of humans’ of her time and environment. She responds on people’s struggle to deal with the universal emotions of life. At this moments she lives In New York, because she attends the artist in residency ‘photoglobal’ at the school of visual arts in New York.

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It was a warm evening in the city and not yet dark. We arrived, giddy and happy, and he ordered two glasses of prosecco. The waiter managed to fit onto our tiny wood table two plates of tartines, a legumes dish, and a tray of fromage. And then we shared dessert. I can’t remember exactly but it must have been chocolate.
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When I first moved to New York, enamoured by its parks and museums and design firms and restaurants and bars, I never imagined that there could be much more to its geography than that. How wrong I was. My first drive across the George Washington Bridge was jaw-dropping - the cliffs of New Jersey are astonishingly tall, covered in a dense thicket of trees. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Drive up 87 to the Catskills or the Adirondacks and you'll witness the Hudson River winding its way through spectacular scenery and unforgiving seasons. Now I can't get enough; just two hours up the road, it's like the city never existed. Perfect recuperation after a long week.
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When I have a bit of money I like to go there with friends to celebrate our happiness and miseries.
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My favorite wall in New York. The wall outside St Patrick’s old cathedral on Mulberry Street in Manhattan. It changes with the light, so beautiful. It was also in the movie “The Pope Of Greenwich Village” and that’s just plain cool.
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This place is amazing. It's a short walk from our apartment and has an amazing happy hour including cheap guacamole and $4 margaritas. We can spend an hour or five hours here at a time because the environment is so casual, welcoming, and the food is just damn good. Get the lengua or the camaron al mojo de ajo tacos or hongos and rajas con papas if you are vegan.
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