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Compulsive drawer and professional tea drinker based in Barcelona. Represented world wide by Handsome Frank.
Current city: Barcelona
Compulsive drawer and professional tea drinker based in Barcelona. Represented world wide by Handsome Frank.
Hidden pearl in the middle of Raval with a local feeling to it. Calm and cosy but with a lot of personality.
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Cute café perfect for a light vegetarian lunch or some good smoothies/juices.
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Wonderful little café in Poble Nou for light lunches and afternoon tea/coffee. The interior is fantastic and you can buy arty magazines and cute plants here.
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At Casa Bonay you can find pretty much everything you need. First off all the hotel bar is one of the most beautiful rooms in Barcelona, if you, for some reason want to change the environment you can just walk through a door into Satan's coffee for some of the best coffee in town or look in the little shop for books, palm-patterned shirts and other pretty things. They also host a lot of creative events here like movie screenings, beer tasting and talks.
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One of Stockholms most beautiful and well hidden art museums. This studio of Swedish sculptor Carl Eldh is located in a stunning old wooden building close to Brunnsviken/Haga parken.
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One of Malta's most stunning locations in the middle of Valletta. This place was built in 1571 and was at that point the seat for the Grand Master of the Knights of St John. It's now partly the office of the president of Malta but the first floor are open to the public and the space is absolutely amazing.
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Photographer based in Barcelona
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Interior, graphic and web designer based in Barcelona
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La relación de Lola Giardino con la cerámica empezó en 2011, como medida para alejarse un poco del ordenador y encontrar en otros formatos una oportunidad para dar forma a sus creaciones. Después de probar distintas opciones, se enamoró de los materiales y la técnica, tanto que, un año más tarde, creó su propia marca: NonaBruna, gracias a la cual, disfruta de la imperfección haciendo piezas únicas con sus propias manos. Sus piezas se venden online en su página web y han salido en publicaciones internacionales como Vogue, Time Out, Freunde von Freunden y Kinfolk, entre otras. Además del espacio que le sirve para crear, NonaBruna también es el lugar desde el que Lola invita a todos a ‘Jugar con barro’, un taller para explorar la creatividad y materializarla. Lola se define como multifacética porque le resulta imposible quedarse con una sola etiqueta: es diseñadora, ceramista, fotógrafa, directora de arte, web designer, cocinera, coach y emprendedora. Y como parte de este concepto, es también es fundadora del Laboratorio Creativo.
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I’m Barcelona-based graphic designer and art director. I work on both printed and digital media, focusing on art direction, corporate and visual identities, books, magazines, web design and typography. My field of work also includes conceptualization, signage systems, development of campaigns as well as other media communications. In recent years, I have worked for studios such as Folch, Clase and Firma. Currently, I am Head of Design at Séptimo, a branding and design office based in Barcelona. I also cater to national and international clients across an open range of fields providing freelance art direction and graphic design. Some of the most renowned clients I've worked for as freelance are Nike, Lacoste or Bershka.
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Freelance illustrator & graphic designer ✌🏻️ I love geometric shapes, vivid colors and tuna makis.
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