My walk through the Heath often continues on to the Camden Arts Centre, a really fantastic exhibition space that runs workshops and courses as well as having a great café and bookshop to boot. I collect their exhibition booklets called File Notes - beautifully designed by James Goggin and Sarah De Bondt - some memorable shows include Eva Hesse Studiowork, The Bruce Lacey Experience and Serena Korda’s Aping the Beast. The latter concluded with a procession from the gallery up to the Heath, culminating in a re-enactment of The Battle of the River Plate in a pond. This is my photo of the Beast and the Boob Meteorite.
Camden Arts Centre, Finchley Road, Arkwright Road, London, United Kingdom
Current city: London
I’m an illustrator, maker and art director based in London and work with photographers to create images for clients such as the V&A, Orange, The New York Times, Creative Review and Wallpaper*. As part of Peepshow Collective I work collaboratively with the other members on exhibitions, animation and installation projects. Portrait by Jenny Lewis.

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My favourite local beer garden.
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Although freedom of speech is a human right in most civilised countries, Speakers’ Corner has been described as one of the few places in the world where anyone can just climb on a ‘soapbox’ and speak their minds on any subject as long as the police considers it lawful – and almost be guaranteed an audience. It has been like this ever since this area of London’s Hyde Park was the site of Tyburn gallows, where public executions took place between 1196 and 1783, and the condemned were allowed to speak before being hanged. Over the centuries, Speakers’ Corner has been the site of riots, demonstrations, public meetings of groups – such as the communists – that weren’t allowed to gather anywhere else, and was frequented by Marx, Lenin, George Orwell and many other historic figures.  While today it is mainly the scene of eccentrics, religious fanatics and oddballs of all kinds, several prominent speakers such as Heiko Khoo and Jonathan Fitter keep the tradition of meaningful discussions around political and social themes alive. Religion has been debated in Hyde Park since the right to meet and speak freely was formally established in 1872. Today it’s the dominant topic by far, with religious speakers and preachers drawing the biggest crowds and clearly outnumbering the political meetings.  I have been documenting the people gathering here every Sunday since 2012.
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G.F. Smith's permanent showroom, in Central London. Visits are by appointments only — But I would definitely recommend making the visit. All of their stocks are beautifully archived, along with example publications, and a rotating series of paper installations in both the window & basement, courtesy of Made Thought.
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I love this building and always visit if I’m in the area to look at their great window displays, travel up in the beautiful wood paneled lift and wander down the creaky oak staircase. The exterior and interior woodwork is from two old Men-of-War ships, the flooring made from their deck timbers. I normally head straight to the fabric department to see what new seasonal prints they have in, though only buy a metre’s worth so not quite sure what I’ll ever make from them. My most treasured prints are those designed by Grayson Perry of polluted factories, teddy bears, knuckle-dusters and hand grenades. They also sell oversized gift coins produced by the Royal Mint and packaged beautifully in a velvet pouch, which appeal to my love of all things out-sized.
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If you are lucky enough to get a table at this tiny 6 table only Café you are in for a real treat. The coffee is great, the cakes are delicious and the staff is friendly in this traditional wifi free (meaning no wifi here) Café. On a quiet day this is the best place to delve into your favourite novel while being caressed by the easy listening aural pleasure of Classic FM. But the real reason I come here is to overhear the conversations of the other customers. More than once did I have to put my book aside to pay closer attention to the charming, wonderful and often nuts conversations going on around me. I've overheard all sorts of discussions varying from 'Psychoanalysis' to 'Proustian ideas', 'Science Fiction' to 'Greek Mythology' and 'African Studies' to 'the takeover of DC Comics'.
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