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Reeme Idris is a freelance features writer based in London, often in Paris.
Current city: London
Other cities: Paris
Reeme Idris is a freelance features writer based in London, often in Paris.
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I'm waiting for a vegetarian-friendly event to get the full dining experience, but in the meantime there's wine!
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The best live jazz band I ever heard was at a packed out night in Brilliant Corners. I was happy to be squashed.
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I trust owner and director Tamsin Clark completely with what I could and should be reading.
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Everyone who works at Daunt Books seems to have the answer to any question you might have, watching my large dog carefully navigate their narrow aisles is always fun too.
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There's room for anyone who appreciates architecture, ideas and craftsmanship in these four interlocking houses.
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One or two screenings a day, a few days a week; less is more at Close Up. The library is a great resource too, for work or pleasure.
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Escape the Eurocentric vortex here.
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My friend Guillaume opened the swankiest rooftop in London that still feels like a house party. Louie is a French-Creole restaurant, live jazz music venue and oyster bar too.
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It's a members-only library but you might be granted access with a research request. The writer's room is great but there's a few special, hidden corners among the bookshelves to tuck yourself away in.
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A perfect place for any occasion - or no occasion at all - every table feels like the best one.
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Get on the list for tickets and surprise someone who will appreciate the 'village of books' upstairs in particular.
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I've interviewed curator and founder Marie Madec a couple of times now; she represents their contemporary artists with a dedication and enthusiasm that's infectious.
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Posted by Reeme Idris
If you need somewhere to contemplate leaving your lover, go alone, and if you don't mind them not being there to share something sublime in a glass or a dish, you have your answer.
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Posted by Reeme Idris
The gallery and bookshop never disappoint a curious mind, but the café is worth the trip alone.
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