Tucked away on the second floor, it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of Manhattan. Order the Ika geso (squid legs) and the nankotsu (chicken cartilage), my personal favorites. You might notice people waiting around a nondescript door inside the restaurant; this is actually the entrance to the speakeasy bar Angel’s Share.
Village Yokocho, 8 Stuyvesant Street, New York, United States
Current city: New York
Zoë Williams creates otherworldly creatures that are inspired by dreams, visions, and the collective unconscious. Born in 1983 in New Orleans, LA, Zoë Williams holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of New Orleans and a Certificate in Fiber Art from the University of Washington. Her work in needle felted wool has been exhibited in galleries around the world. She currently lives and works in New York City. Portrait photo by Walt Cessna.

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Always in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, is the most direct route for a bike ride into the city from my place. This is a kind of alcove and lookout point that also reminds me I’m about to reach the top of the climb. I guess I kind of like the series of light bulbs and ornate rivets and metal work, the kinds things you really don’t see from a distance.
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7 months before moving to New York I visited for the first time. I was immediately enraptured and felt a deep connection to the city that I had never experi- enced. It was in this massive hall at The Met that I decided I would be leaving Los Angeles and coming to NYC as soon as I possibly could.
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Unlike a lot of neighborhoods the sidewalks in this area are often still paved in the original slate slabs. You can see “extra” pieces sometimes chained up outside like this…. Why pour concrete?
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This is the view from the Manhattan Bridge of the Fulton Ferry Park, a pretty popular destination being between the Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridges, which still has the old waterfront tobacco warehouses. It’s changed a bit being made more of a “finished” park with a kind of beach etc, and has also been a regular spot for outdoor music shows, one for me being the memorable 7-7-7 Boadrum orchestrated by the Boredoms.
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The Future Perfect is my favorite place to shop for furniture / interiors, or pick up a small gift for a friend. They have a perfect mix of beautiful and strange objects, some of my favorites include the Animal Butt Magnets, Shrigley Salt & Petter Shakers, and the Bank in the form of a Pig.
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