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I am a 23 year old camera-operator and story-teller, originally from Minnesota, but I now live and create in New York City. My stee-lo is to record the world around me - mainly the interesting people and places that I encounter.
Current city: New York
I am a 23 year old camera-operator and story-teller, originally from Minnesota, but I now live and create in New York City. My stee-lo is to record the world around me - mainly the interesting people and places that I encounter.
A legendary basketball court in the West Village that is a popular destination for basketball aficionados, deflated hoop-dreamers, and gawking tourists.
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Posted by Brad Ogbonna
The oldest, best, and probably dirtiest underground train system in the world. 24 hour service that links me to anywhere I want to go in the city.
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This is the rooftop of my building. I come up here daily with my dog or friends to get 'fresh' air, see what's happening in the streets, or to catch sunsets and the occasional sunrise. My landlord has been trying for months to put a stop to our rooftop access, but every attempt he has made thus far has been futile.
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Manhattan's Chinatown is my second favorite neighborhood next to Fort Greene. It's full of people, odors, bars, clubs, cafes, and restaurants. There's always something going on here.
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I like coming down here with friends when the weather permits and drinking on the beach or on the rocks when the tides come in.
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Posted by Brad Ogbonna
Dumbo, which stands for 'Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,' is a neat neighborhood in Brooklyn that is at an awesome vantage point of Manhattan. There are cool rocks on the shore of Brooklyn Bridge Park that are fun to relax on and sneak alcoholic beverages.
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My friends, Dee & Ricky, recently opened up their own restaurant at the ripe age of 24 in the Clinton Hill neighborhood. I stop in here every now and then for the roti. Also, there's a really cool (Nigeria-owned) sandwich & smoothie spot next door that is not pictured.
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I probably frequent here twice a week, because I am obsessed with Mexican food, and I'm fortunate enough to live in close proximity to this place. Taqueria Tepango is definitely a sapphire in the rough since there are a lot of terrible/over-priced Mexican restaurants in NYC.
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An awesome, and sometimes free, ferry that links Manhattan at the Financial District to Ikea in Brooklyn via Red Hook. Very great views of the city and if you end up having to pay it's redeemable for a monetary discount towards an Ikea purchase. I think of it as a treat and an investment.
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I like my street because there's always some character strolling down it like so.
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Leticia Wouk Almino is a Brazilian architect based in New York, NY. She has lived in Brasília, Washington, San Francisco, Lisbon, London, and again in the Brazilian capital before moving to the United States for her studies. She most recently completed her Masters in Architecture at Yale University in New Haven, CT and is currently working at Robert A.M. Stern Architects in New York. She draws her inspiration from the world of cinema, as she is interested in exploring the interstice between architecture and fiction, real and imaginary, public and private space. She is looking to publish her book, Capital Urbanism, a comparative study of public space in four capital cities in Portugal and Brazil.
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Bosco Sodi is known for his richly textured, vividly colored large-scale paintings. Sodi has discovered an emotive power within the essential crudeness of the materials that he uses to execute his paintings. Focusing on material exploration, the creative gesture, and the spiritual connection between the artist and his work, Sodi seeks to transcend conceptual barriers. Sodi leaves many of his paintings untitled, with the intention of removing any predisposition or connection beyond the work’s immediate existence. The work itself becomes a memory and a relic symbolic of the artist’s conversation with the raw material that brought the painting into creation. Sodi’s influences range from l’art informel, looking to artists such as Antoni Tàpies and Jean Dubuffet, to master colorists such as Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and the bright hues of his native heritage.
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Hilary Greenbaum is a New York-based graphic designer and design writer. Currently a staff designer and columnist at The New York Times Magazine, she studied design at the California Institute of the Arts (MFA 2006) and Carnegie Mellon University (BFA 2001). Her work has been recognized by the Society of Publication Designers, the Type Directors Club, the Art Directors Club, the AIGA, the Society for News Design and the Output Foundation.
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French photographer/director based in NYC
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