One of my all time favorite shops. They have amazing succulents at reasonable prices. It’s always a pleasure to stop in and see what they’ve got that day. Ched, the owner, is not only extremely knowledgeable but totally hilarious. Every plant has been personalized and anthropomorphized.
Noble Planta, 106 West 28th Street, New York, United States
Current city: New York
Chris Dorland is a NYC based artist. He is director-at-large at Magenta Plains.

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For oysters & libations. The comprehensive oyster menu changes depending on what they can get that's fresh. If you know anything about oysters or just plain like them, this is without question the spot. Currently my favorite oyster (not always on their menu) is the Skookum.
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The different views of the skyline are unbelievable. I especially like rooftop views from different apartment buildings. Try to get on top of an apartment building. This is the view from my apartment...
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There’s always something interesting on at The Met, and whether you’ve lived in New York all your life or are visiting for the very first time, you’re guaranteed to see something you haven’t before.
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Posted by Jing Wei
Karasu is our neighborhood go to for a chill date. It's a cozy, well-lit space with excellent cocktails and a small Japanese menu. The tonkatsu is amazing, and perfect for sharing because nothing says romance like a fried pork cutlet.
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Chillhouse is awesome. It's a great place to chill out while waiting to meet a friend, read a book, or get your nails done. This all-in-one cafe has made it easy for the girl on the girl that needs some self-care time.
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