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I used to live around the corner from here and would be there for breakfast, lunch and dinner almost everyday. The staff is super friendly and I believe it's the best pizza in town. I also did the mural outside and I love seeing all pictures people post and how people engage with the work and how it becomes a part of their experience there.
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I don't go to the movies much but when I do I love coming here... they have the best of the independent and international films and it's the last of it's kind in New York.
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Posted by Shantell Martin
My favorite restaurant in Manhattan, it's super fresh, vegan/vegetarian and tasty and the staff is wonderful.
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What can I say, I love donuts and these are my favorite in New York.
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This is where my studio is located. its also home to the Richard Meier Model Museum, the ICP archives and gallery and much more.
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I basically lived at this place when I lived in Tokyo. This was also the first place I ever performed. Good food, nice shows and a great mixture of locals and international people.
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If your a drinker, like a good Sunday roast or want a friendly place to chill. Here you go.
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I spend most of my time working on my startup reads.delivery— a monthly book subscription to inspire the forever learner. I also am a stylist and writer on the side.
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Lila Barth is a graduate of FIT's photography program. Working entirely in film, both 35mm and 120mm, she uses her lens to cast her subjects as characters, finding settings that are cinematic and realistic. She blends fine art and documentary photography to create a reality that is represented at its aesthetic peak. 
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Jordan Bruner is a mixed media animator and director who creates music videos, commercials, and films. She enjoys telling surreal stories by combining different mediums - illustration, painting, collage, animation and film. Some of her clients include the Sundance Channel, the National Geographic Channel, the Moxie Institute, the Mountains Goats, the Dive Index, Levi's, and GE. Jordan's short films and paintings have been exhibited the world over. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.
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Kent Rogowski is an artist/photographer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Kent’s works are often provocative and whimsical manipulations of objects and images that surround us in our daily lives. From teddy bears to jigsaw puzzles and self-help books, he uses and alters mass-produced consumer products as a vehicle for self-expression. By transforming the generic into something personal, Kent questions what these products communicate, and also what role they play in our culture. His first monograph, Bears, was published by powerHouse books in 2007. He has shown his work both nationally and internationally with solo shows in New York at the Jen Bekman Gallery and the Foley Gallery and the In Focus Gallery in Cologne, Germany. In 2000, Kent received his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, where he is now a Senior Critic. He has also taught at The Pratt Institute and The School of Visual Arts in New York.
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Artist & Jeweler
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