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Simona Sharafudinov is an artist living and working in London. Born in Eastern Europe, emigrating to London at an early age she has been a Londoner for over two decades. 
Current city: London
Simona Sharafudinov is an artist living and working in London. Born in Eastern Europe, emigrating to London at an early age she has been a Londoner for over two decades. 
The most beautiful contemporary gallery in London aptly named White Cube, the space is an artwork in itself. Its portfolio of artists and exhibition programme is top of the league, always presented as with style and grace as the space itself. Photograph by Paul Riddle
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The outside displays are mysterious and inviting and reveal little to the magic that this place inhabits. Fantastic presentation and exhibition of garments and design pieces. It's an exhibition experience like no other. Not to mention it being the place to get most loving shirts in town. Don't forget to stop by the Rose Bakery for coffee and lunch. A hidden gem.
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Beautiful architecture and setting, ideal place for catching the latest art-house flick or to enjoy evening tea and a journal session. Friendly staff, ambient atmosphere and a wonderful crowd.
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You would have seen the Brutalist towers and curves from afar. Upon entering the estate where the cultural centre is, you quickly realise the scale, the beauty and charm of this labyrinthine project. Barbican Centre's programming is top of the league across art, theatre, dance and music, both contemporary and classical, art forms. This place is an architectural and cultural institution boldly redefining the UK's cultural landscape.
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London institution, a magical place to have tea and cake and a perfect spot to watch London Soho life unfold before your eyes. The quality is always superb, the staff are friendly and human and the landladies Michelle and Tanya are part of what make this place and London so magical. A little gem that is a must on anyone's visit to London.
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A phenomenal cultural place which brings to London the best contemporary dance talent and productions. Sadler's Wells is one institution that makes London such a an amazing place to live in. Always ground-breaking and risk-taking programming. The best dance venue in the world, thanks to the amazing artistic vision of Alistair Spalding and his team. Leading by example and always doing it with heart.
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The most special and charming place to get art supplies and materials. L. Cornelissen & Son shop is an artwork in itself and one of a kind. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and kind and is always a delight to stop by.
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A special place, a shop which is like a museum, worth popping in to feel the humanness and heritage of London. And if you are looking for rope, compass or any sailing supplies, this is the place. There is no shop like it.
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Contemporary British cuisine at its best. Great food, great setting and ambiance, humble and passionate values and ethics towards food and gastronomy. The chefs and their passion and creativity towards food have earned them their first Michelin star in 2014, let it entice you and not put you away, they have remained true to their art.
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The most special and charming cinema (probably most deprived too) in London. A place to catch a classic or a new release. You can get a lifetime membership for £50, weekly £1 member screenings. A place where staff are as passionate about pictures as its visitors. A must visit for movie buffs.
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I’ve always been very fond of the ICA and its maverick spirit, less so in the latter part of this decade. These days the place is magnetic. To feel this incredible and unique place for arts and expression, breathing, breathing invigoratively, is rewarding to a London dweller or/and visitor. Its incredible transformation, revived from near death by Stefan Kalmár, is felt as soon as you enter the space, it feels open and alive, with vibrant and human energy in staff and visitors; risky, independent, engaging, resounding, and topical to our times programming, which is focused on breaking barriers in imagination an intellect rather than visitor record numbers. It is a breath of fresh air and an example what London art institutions are capable of if they open themselves to welcoming in an outsider and their passionate vision. And they have the best membership in town!   
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For the last six months, I have been a strange tourist in Munich. I came here to work in a studio and had not so much time to visit it properly. But I partly came in Germany because I was interested in its specific creative approach: it’s precision and rigorousity. In it’s system culture in a way. And indeed it’s a very intellectual society, ruled by color codes and order. It was definitely funny to see that these things are visible in many daily aspects of life. Or maybe it’s just me wanting to see them... Very soon, I will move to London - where I would like to do some freelance work, in product, furniture and space design.
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James Windsor is a London-based, freelance graphic designer with 7 years’ industry experience. His work has appeared in various design publications including Creative Review, Grafik and Design Week and has won awards and commendations in ceremonies such as The Design Week Awards, the Clio Awards and The Roses Awards.
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Art Director at Wieden+Kennedy
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Charley Peters is an artist based in London. She produces systematic drawings on paper and in physical spaces in which visual order is deconstructed through mechanical, manual or architectural interference. She has a PhD in Fine Art and exhibits her work internationally. As Co-Director of TBC Artists’ Collective, Charley works with artists and writers engaged in research-led projects that explore drawing as a performative, documentary or interventionist medium.
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I'm an artist/ photographer based in London and Mumbai. I'm Interested in history, current affairs and cultural identity. I'm inspired by my immediate surroundings. I travel a lot and always make work in the places I visit. I often turn my attention towards architecture in order to examine the identity of the places I visit. I work intuitively in a documentary manner as it allows me more in depth involvement with my subject. I only use film/analogue processes, mainly mediaum and large formats. These are preferred as they are more precise and slower and aenable me to take time over the composition, to produce a more thoughtful and deliberate image, as compared with the snapshot/hit and run type of photography.
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