About Matthias
Matthias Last is a Berlin based designer & art director. Founder of Studio Last and co-founder of the gallery Blake & Vargas.
Current city: Berlin
Matthias Last is a Berlin based designer & art director. Founder of Studio Last and co-founder of the gallery Blake & Vargas.
Italian Cuisine with a modern twist in a cozy atmosphere. Tip: Try the pasta with figs. 
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Secret place that is almost always empty.
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Situated in the patio of the Kunst-Werke, a well established exhibition house for contemporary art, this cafe features mirror-walls and a selection of nice cakes and lunch menu. 
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Cinema with original fifties interior, close to Hermann Platz. Like all cinemas from the York Cinema Group in Berlin, it features a diverse program of independent movies (mostly original versions with German subtitles).
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Blake & Vargas is side project of our Studio - a showroom for contemporary art with a diverse program of exhibitions & performance, that reflects the complexity of Berlin’s art scene. The next exhibition season starts again in January 2020. Also check out the website for our latest editions.
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This roastery makes our studio’s favorite coffee. They also have a coffee shop not too far away.   
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The Berliners fought hard to stop their beloved theatre from getting commercialized. Currently without a new director, it nevertheless continues to host and produce an intriguing program of theatre performances, contemporary dance and concert. 
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My favourite book store with a minimal interior and maximum range of books on architecture, design, art, philosophy and politics. 
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As its name suggests this bibliophile cabinet accommodates finds from many centuries and areas. Everything - junk and treasures - from the floor up to the ceiling. Don’t be shy to ask the owner if you’re looking for something specific.
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Besides being the friendliest shoemaker in town, he also offers quality for good value. 
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Best record store in Berlin. A great selection of Rock, Folk, Indie, Wave, Industrial and especially the huge floor dedicated to House and Techno Records. Staff are typical Berlin-Style - not very friendly but very knowledgeable.
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Named after the movie by Godard, this restaurant with a creative cuisine in a Nouvelle Vague inspired atmosphere is ideal for an intimate dinner experience. 
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I'm a photographer from Brazil, based in Berlin. I'm attached to this city since 5 years and I have been trying it out from top to bottom, from inside out. Here are some of my personal highlights.
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Here to fulfil your text-based needs: I'm a New Zealand-German writer, editor and translator specialised in the travel, design and lifestyle sectors. Fluent in English, German and French, I graduated in Law and Politics before pursuing my interest in aesthetics into cultural journalism, via a two-year stint in advertising in London.
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Lisa Wassmann born and raised in WestBerlin, Germany in 1981, where she still lives and works. She has been a professional photographer for over six years. While during the last few years she traveled the globe for her photoshots, she now puts her focus on a new photographic project which contains her intimate personal view in and about the extremly fast changing city Berlin, which is beautiful and sad at the same time.
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Claudia Rafael is Art Director and Digital Creative specializes in the intuitive development of unique design solutions in the field of music, fashion, art and culture. She’s part of Selam X and provides highly recognizable visual communication for individuals and institutions on projects varying in scale and complexity. She’s founding member of MASK OFF – forum for posthuman beauty and body – and pushes face filters to a fashionable level.
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