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Art Director at Forsman & Bodenfors in Stockholm. Collector of visual treats 🍎 instagram @appleoftheday
Current city: Stockholm
Other cities: Los Angeles
Art Director at Forsman & Bodenfors in Stockholm. Collector of visual treats 🍎 instagram @appleoftheday
The best of bowls.
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The perfect neighborhood resto. Good vines and sharp service. 
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👍🏽💕 friendly and great yard.
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Timeless and relaxed.
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Nice price fast food. Great buffé with lost of greens. 
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Selected brands 🍭
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Posted by Emma Eriksson
A friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a great kitchen. Lovely music and every now and then surprise live acts as Dungen. A big terrace with the park next door and the new ice cream bar makes it perfect for daytime as well.
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Best outdoor coffee ☕️ 
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Most of all, the view 🙏🏽. Also for picnic with outdoor grill and a cute playground.  
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Posted by Emma Eriksson
Everything you want from a coffe bar. Cash only. 
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Posted by Emma Eriksson
Best laksa soup in the neighborhood.
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Small place with low key interior. Perfect for lunch with three small dishes. Lovely vegetarian alternatives.
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Lovely food, superfriendly and great music.
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Perfect for a fast lunch. 
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Great coffee, great music.
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The best ramen I had in LA. 
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My name is Torbjörn Kihlberg and I work as a Designer at The Studio. We combine marketing and design to help brands define their positions, create a unique voice and build sustainable values. I have been studying graphic design and digital strategy, as well as communication and leadership during my learning journey. What I love most about my job is the possibility to develop people, their communication, as well as building strong and interesting brands. I'm very driven by developing my own skills and learning new things and I get very inspired by my incredible colleagues, our interesting clients and entrepreneurship. Everything is possible with the right mindset. I'm always aiming to develop on a personal level, which is one of the reasons why I love traveling and meeting new people. I believe you learn something new from every single person you meet, and that visiting new places gives you new perspectives in life.
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Architect, director at Etat arkitekter
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Parasto Backman is the founder of Studio Parasto Backman, a Stockholm based graphic design studio. She mixes commissions with self-initiated projects and her clients include art galleries, theaters, publishers, museums, fashion brands, film production companies etc. A central part of Parasto’s work process is about illuminating power structures in order to broaden the palette of graphic design and create space for other forms of expression, logics and references within the field. To go beyond Eurocentric traditions of thinking and making is her consistent baseline in all kinds of project attained. Since a few years back Parasto is also a Senior Lecturer of Visual Communication towards Graphic Design at Konstfack University of Arts, Craft & Design in Stockholm.
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Stockholm based interior and product designer. 
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I am a product designer, illustrator and art director. Currently Lead Designer at Spotify. I split my time between Stockholm, London and New York.
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